For a couple of days, weeks or even months, you can have one of our baby nurses help to care for your baby/ies while you; and your household settles down now that your newborns' home.
A baby nurse is a new born specialist.  Most baby nurses are not registered nurses or licensed practical nurses.  Rather, they are people with a deep understanding of the developmental and physical stages of newborns.  Most have taken courses to stay current with the latest newborn philosophies.  Some have even completed special programs to enhance their skills and comfort level.
If you are blessed with one, two, three or more new babies, a  baby nurse for your baby/ies might be just what you need.  A baby nurse can help manage the round the clock demands of multiples.  For newborns with special needs we can assist with administering the treatment, which will help the parents to better cope once the baby nurse leaves.
Why should I get a baby nurse?
Having a baby nurse is indeed a luxury.  A baby nurse will provide top quality care for your newborn and enable parents to rest after delivery, and rest you will need to care for your infant upon your baby nurse departure. What a baby nurse will do for you and your baby/ies will be unmatched by any family member, baby nurses are seasoned professionals who have made a career out of caring for newborns.  Of course Grandmothers, Aunts, Sister and close friends will bring you loving care and support for weeks at a time, it is not the same as having a baby nurse and being concern with the newborns health and your health, having one of Green's baby nurses in your home will leave you eternally grateful and appreciative of the decision you made to hire a baby nurse.  In addition, our baby nurse will help to get the baby/ies on a schedule, our  goal is to get them sleeping 8 to10 hours at nights by 12 weeks of age.

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